It’s the story about a girl who woke up in the middle of the night and while trying to reach the toilet, realizes she was left alone at home.
Arija Nosovaitė
Ana Nosovaitė
Aistė Nosovienė
Director | Julijus Nosovas
Screenwriters | Julijus Nosovas & Aistė Nosovienė
Music by | Kipras Varaneckas
Sound design by | Arturas Staševskis
Coloring by | Mindaugas Urbikas
Production | Open Heads
Special thanks to:
Mindaugas Urbikas
Salvijus Stravinskas
Mantas Ivanauskas
RMI Muzikos Servisas"
This film was created during the short film challenge ODISĖJA72: One at Home. www.odisė 2020, Vilnius.

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