The Circle is documentary film about street dance culture in Lithuania. It reveals the history of street dance and subculture development in Lithuania, also introduces the viewer with ideology and terminology of the subculture, analize the role of the dancer in the changing society and community.
The Circle is the first documentary to show historical information about how street dance has developed in Lithuania since its inception. We believe that the viewer will be interested in the much-known facts about those who contributed to the creation and promotion of street culture. Over 130 respondents were interviewed during the project, and over 40 dance events were filmed throughout Lithuania and abroad.
The authors of the film are pleased with the "Youth in Action" program of DG Education and Culture, which helped to implement the idea and provided an opportunity for us Lithuanians to get acquainted with a undiscovered niche of street dance culture in Lithuania.
Project | Documentary Film
Production | Open Heads, Brr Films
Place | Lithuania

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